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Being the biggest destination of a huge population of immigrants from many origins in the world, the USA has become a melting pot of cultures and indeed a very rich variety of cooking traditions.

American recipes are based on a number of ingredients such as mais, pumpkin, potatoes, turkey, sweet potatoes….the ingredients that native Americans and first European settlers used in their cooking.

With the coming of African settlers who had brought their cooking traditions, American cooking became richer. Creole, tex mex, and a huge number of dishes belonging to all the immigrants who contributed to the creation of the USA.

In general, Americans prefer coffee to tea, while milk and orange juice are the drinks for bearkfast. In addition, Americans are the pioneers of fast food, which has caused many health problems, especially obesity.

Moreover, Americans love sweetened drinks such as limonads.

In our videos, you will discover some delicious American dishes that you will love to try !Bon appetit !