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Being vast and having populations from different origins, Latin or South America is well known by its cooking which is essentially based on the use of mais,sausages,+ and certain types of spices, which makes Latin American cooking one of the richest and most popular ones in the world thanks to its tasteful flavours.

However, each Latin American country has its special way of using the same spices either at the level of quantity or type in its own way.
Latin American countries also enjoy the drinks in different ways, especially the traditional ones of native Americans.

In our videos, you are going to discover a number of delicious recipes we have selected from some Latin American countries.

Brazilian recipes
Do you want to enjoy world food in a meal ?Try Brazilian recipes !!!! Being vast and an attractive site for immigrants from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Brazilian cooking is largely influenced by this mixture of cultures that have added flavours and smells to the native cooking traditions.
Have you ever tasted a recipe made of crocodile meat and the country’s natural ingredients ?Mango, pears, papaya, oranges, pineapple and other fruits are basic for Brazilian food. Brazil is also famous for its nuts. Rice and haricots are very popular dishes.Fish, beef, and pork.
Cachorro and churrasco are the most famous and important Brazilian dishes which you are going to discover in our videos in addition to other ones.

Chilean Recipes
Chilean traditions with the Spanish flavours have created very special recipes ; with bits of different European cooking and the Middle Eastern one, which makes Chilean cooking a rich variety of tastes and colours.
Privileged with a long coast, Chile produces a great variety of products including unique species of fish and sea food.
Last and not least, Chilean recipes cannot be served alone.They have to be accompanied by wine as Chile is one of the biggest producers of wine in the world.
Together we are going to enjoy some of the Chilean recipes such as gampa pil pil or Chilean empanads…

Argentinian cooking
is almost a mixture of European recipes, especially Italian, Spanish, and French recipes.
Argentine is one of the biggest producers of food in the world, including meat(beef), wheat, mais, milk, beans, and soya.
In our videos, you will discover that meat is a very important ingredients of Argentinian recipes. You will also discover Argentinian pizza in which a big quantity of white flour is used in comparison to Italian pizza.

One of the famous Argentinian recipes are dolce de leche and roasted meat.